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Treatments for your body and massages

Body treatments
Aromasoul back & neck55 minutes
from 60.00 €
Relaxing back treatment
It is a treatment indicated to relax the area of the head, neck, shoulders and back through the self-heating mud and an exclusive massage which relieves tension in the head, neck and back areas.
Body scrub25 minutes
from 30.00 €
Rejuvenating and nourishing peeling
It is an exfoliating treatment based on rice oil particles and mountain pine, accompanied by a revitalizing body massage, to release the skin of dead cells and stimulate metabolism. The skin immediately becomes more soft and velvety. It is an optimal preparation for the first treatment or massage to promote the effect of the products used and is also recommended before taking a sauna.
25 min. € 30.00
55 min. € 55.00
Glorious Skin Bust55 minutes
60.00 €
Lifting for the bust
An exclusive firming treatment with peel-off mask for the sensitive zone of the bust and décolleté. Contains walnut extract, jojoba oil and essential oils that deeply strengthen, nourish and moisturize the sensitive bust tissue.
Sun soul55 minutes
55.00 €
Self-tanning anti-aging
Triple-action treatment to revitalize the face and body, giving her a natural golden color and protecting against oxidative damage responsible for premature skin aging. The skin is nourished, revitalized and with a uniform color, natural and golden.
Vital Leg55 minutes
55.00 €
Intensive legs treatment
Special treatment for legs subject to circulation problems, edema, tension, gon hours and heaviness. With the application of bandages based on essential oils and cold-pressed mint juice or with the use of a mud based on marine sediments with draining action, the legs found lightness and vitality and a prolonged sensation of intense freshness.
Body Strategist Cellulite55 minutes
65.00 €
Body therapy with highly dosed caffeine to combat the symptoms of cellulitis. Peeling, pack and massage matched to the figure and well-being of the woman. Fat accumulations are reduced and the blood flow is also stimulated in the deep layers of the tissue. This treatment is not recommended for guests with sensitive capillaries, thyroid problems or pregnant women.
Body Strategist Cellulite Algae peel-off55 minutes
65.00 €
Remodelling and bracing with algae
Intensive treatment with algae extracts mixed with black pepper and caffeine, which give the body minerals and trace elements and stimulate detoxification. Reduces fat and makes the skin slimmer, more compact and visibly firmer.
Monticelli55 minutes
65.00 €
Reducing with mud
A creamy soft mud pack enriched with the Monticelli thermal water detoxifies and drains the tissue. The salt, sulfur and iodine water from the thermal baths of Monticelli, combined with essential oils of cypress, lemon and fennel relaxes the muscles, cleans the body and remineralises dry skin.
Facial treatments
Action Sublime55 minutes
64.00 €
Repairing anti-aging special treatment
Highly effective anti-aging facial treatment with instant effect. Active substances such as hyaluron, milk proteins and retinol counteract the signs of the time and the fold depth is visibly reduced. With an additional anti-age facial massage, the metabolism and the microcirculation is stimulated and the skin gains in suppleness, vitality and tension.
Active Pureness55 minutes
62.00 €
Purifying & rebalancing
Deep cleansing treatment with refreshing and strengthening effects on the face, whether it be for greasy and impure, as well as for sensitive and dry skin. Clarifying extracts from Propolis, Sebustop, Clay and Fruit acids gently regulate sebum production, impurities are soothed and disinfected without drying out the skin.
Basic Facial55 minutes
60.00 €
Classic facial treatment
For a radiant and refreshed look with deep cleansing, peeling, removal of impurities, eyebrow correction, mask and final product.
Chrono Reverser55 minutes
62.00 €
Renewed fruit acid treatment
A gentle anti-aging treatment with alpha-hydroxy acids, arginine and vitamin C, which stimulate cell renewal and give the skin a fresh complexion with visible reduction of wrinkles, pigmentation and acne scars.
Eye Supreme25 minutes
30.00 €
For beautiful moments
Specific anti-aging eye treatment to reduce swelling, eye-rings and lines of expression Water accumulations are gently transported away and the eye part is vitalized, refreshed and streamlined. With aloe, collaxyl, oxy, green tea, jaluronic acid and vitamin E.
Glorious Skin55 minutes
64.00 €
Lifting and anti-aging
Intensive treatment with immediate lifting effect.Tonises the tissue and reduces wrinkles. Active substances such as OXY, vitamin E and fruit acids activate skin metabolism and give the skin a youthful, firmer, fresh and luminous appearance.
Hydramemory55 minutes
62.00 €
Intensive moisture protection for particularly dry and stress-stressed skin, which restores the natural moisture content. The ingredients included trehalose, mineral salts, beta-glucan, honey, hibiscus extracts and hyaluron provide a pleasant skin feeling, fill up the moisture reserves and restore the balance of hydrobalance.
Recover Touch55 minutes
62.00 €
Antioxidant vitamin treatment
Intensive anti-stress treatment with highly concentrated multivitamins and oxygen. The content of goji berries provides for a deeply effective renewal of the skin, which is soothes and soothes. Also suitable for the most sensitive skin.
Skin Resonance55 minutes
62.00 €
Balancing and defensive
Strengthening and nutritious facial treatment with vitamin E, white tea and essential oils for sensitive and delicate skin, which tends to redness and couperosis. This treatment has a decongestant and balancing effect, skin irritation is immediately alleviated and the natural defenses are strengthened.
Hands and feet
Manicure45 minutes
from 40.00 €
40,00-50,00 Euro
NEW: Semi-permanent nail polish60 minutes
60.00 €
Manicure + semi-permanent nail polish   60 min. € 60.00
Only semi-permanent polish   30 min. € 35.00
Nail polish remover   15 min. € 25.00
Pedicure55 minutes
from 55.00 €
55,00-60,00 Euro
Wellness pedicure and manicure with polish90 minutes
90.00 €
Full treatment care and wellness for hands and feet with manicure and pedicure and foot massage.
On request with paraffin for very dry and dehydrated hands (supplement € 20,00 - 20 min.)
Facial treatments for the man
Anti-age Performance55 minutes
64.00 €
Anti-age Intensive
Specific treatment to alleviate the signs of aging and expression. Increases cell renewal giving the skin firmness, tone and elasticity. With hyaluronic acid, malachite and tephroline.
Hydra Performance55 minutes
62.00 €
Intensive moisturizing treatment for dry, dehydrated and tired skin, attacked by stress and sun exposure. The skin is cleansed and moisturized. You have a particularly pleasant skin feel.
Pure Performance55 minutes
62.00 €
Balancing depth cleansing to regulate the sebum production, remove impurities and soften the shiny effect. With sebustop, propolis, extracts of grapefruit and lemon, as well as patchouli oils leave a matt, regenerated and pumped, pore refined skin.
Rituals for face and body wellness
Sacred Nature55 minutes
from 58.00 €
Nourishing and anti-aging protection
Biological anti-aging treatment suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate. It detoxifies, nourishes and protects the skin in a pleasant and embracing ritual. The face and body massage is performed with natural and organic products to combat the environmental aggressions and aging of the skin tissues. The skin appears more radiant and soft.
85 min. € 85,00 (face & body)
55 min. € 58.00 (body only)
Tranquillity Aromatic Ritual55 minutes
from 58.00 €
Aromatic anti-stress ritual
It is a pleasant facial and body treatment that includes a special soothing massage designed to encourage complete relaxation. This spa treatment ensures relaxation of contracted muscles, improved circulation, a deep hydration and skin tones cation using pure and natural essential oils with soothing and calming powers.
85 min. € 85,00 (face & body)
55 min. € 58.00 (body only)
Anti-Cellulite Massage25 minutes
from 32.00 €
Intensive drainage massage which stimulates the lymph and blood circulation and reshapes the silhouette giving fabrics a more toned and compact. Particularly effective on the thighs and buttocks.
25 min. € 32,00
55 min. € 59,00 
Back & neck45 minutes
48.00 €
Relaxation Massage given to those who make a sedentary lifestyle, underactive or postures forced relieving muscle tension of the neck, shoulders and neck. Useful in cases of migraine, headache and neck stiffness.
Combined massage55 minutes
59.00 €
... for a relaxation of measure
Choice between: plantar, partial, back, neck, lymph drainage ...

Face and scalp25 minutes
33.00 €
A specific facial massage and a regenerating soothing moisturizing mask ensure a fine skin tone. The scalp is gently massaged with an aromablend of sage and menthol to stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the hair. The result is a complete relaxation of the shoulder, neck and head muscles.
Lymphatic drainage25 minutes
from 31.00 €
It is a particular massage technique to promote the drainage of the lymphatic fluids from the tissues. It is also effective to combat cellulite therapy and as anti-swelling mainly caused by water retention.
25 min. € 31,00
55 min. € 56,00 
Partial massage25 minutes
32.00 €
Ideal to dissolve in a short time individual parts of the body and restore the balance of the whole organism. It focuses on the tensions of the shoulders, back, legs or other parts of the body that need treatment.
Plantar or reflexology25 minutes
from 32.00 €
It acts on the nervous system and circulation, creating immediate comfort, balance and harmony in the person. It is effective to normalize the blood and lymphatic circulation and relieve muscle tension, joint pain, headaches and gastrointestinal disorders related to stress.
25 min. € 32.00
55 min. € 58.00
Relaxing massage25 minutes
from 31.00 €
A gentle and soothing massage with slow, rhythmic movements that promotes relaxation and gives a pleasant feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. Mainly it helps relax stiff areas of stress such as the neck, shoulders, back and feet.
25 min. € 31,00
55 min. € 58,00 
Sportmassage25 minutes
from 33.00 €
Relaxing massage that deeply acts on muscles to give a regeneration and muscle relaxation before or after sports activity. The addition of essential oils benefits or arnica mountain pine penetrate deep and promote blood circulation.
25 min. € 33,00
55 min. € 60,00 
Aromatic oil massage25 minutes
from 34.00 €
Body massage with warm aromatic oil
The whole body is massaged by a wonderfully scented, soothing oil which at the same time detoxifies the skin, relaxes, harmonizes the immune system strengthens. The gentle, rhythmic movements ensure a deep relaxation full of well-being. Helps with sleepiness, tension and circulatory disorders.
25 min. € 34,00
55 min. € 63,00

Candle massage55 minutes
63.00 €
Aromatic candle massage
Let yourself be pampered by the pleasant sensation of light and fluid vegetable butter with a pleasant warmth, accompanied by sweet and harmonic dexterity. It releases tension, reduces stress, moisturizes, nourishes and perfumes the skin, giving you a feeling of softness and well-being.
Dolasilla ritual massage85 minutes
90.00 €
An exclusive ritual designed specifically for our guests. It begins with a full body exfoliation and a mix of massage techniques combined with hot stones or herb dumplings to promote deep relaxation from head to toe.
Herbal stamp massage55 minutes
63.00 €
Massage with hot herbal stamps
Enjoy warm arnica oil and the smell of the fresh herbal stamps on your skin. The massage and the pleasant heat stimulate blood circulation, loosen the muscles and contribute to the detoxification and purification of the entire organism.
Honigmassage45 minutes
55.00 €
Honey massage
It is a detoxifying massage in which the power of honey enters through the skin pores, cleaning the body from all the toxins present in the skin layers. Blood circulation is activated, the muscles relax and your back benefits from it.
Hot Stone75 minutes
85.00 €
Hot stone massage
It is a holistic treatment with volcanic stones whose heat penetrates deep into the skin and helps loosen muscle stiffness giving immediate relief from back pain or rheumatism. Also it leads to a general feeling of well being and relaxation for the whole body
Infrared55 minutes
65.00 €
Special back treatment
First, relax on the infra-red bed, so that the heat radiation can penetrate deep into the organism and thus prepare the muscles for the following back massage. The muscle tension is solved, the circulation is improved and a physical well-being is increased.
NEW: Balinese massage45 minutes
60.00 €

The balinese massage is a complete massage, ideal for taking care of the body. It is a massage technique that is mainly exercised with palm pressure, acupressure, slipping, traction, bending and stretching. Post-race sports massage.
NEW: Watsu45 minutes
60.00 €

The warm water massage is one of the most pleasurable experiences in which you can regain well-being, deep relaxation and inner peace. The weightless movements in the water quickly forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and energy bursts, stress, fears and blockages are dissolved.
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