Treatments for your body and massages

Facial treatments
Bio lifting face treatment110 minutes
130.00 €
Intensive treatment with biodynamic lifting massage
Experience a truly unique beauty treatment at the highest level based on the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: 
skin diagnostics; contouring your eyebrows; a massage stimulating the lymphatic system; warm herbal compresses; peeling; deep cleansing with cupping glasses; special serum; a bio-energetic lifting massage; an intensive facial mask, and finally, individual daily skin care and stabilization. Nature’s high-tech solution for a sustained impact, immediate visibility and maximum effect. The skin regains more vitality, elasticity, brightness and firmness.
Cellular recreation face treatment80 minutes
107.00 €
Deep penetrating beauty treatment
A wonderfully natural treatment with active ingredients for immediate effects following the TEAM DR JOSEPH method:
skin analysis, eyebrow correction, deep cleaning with cupping glasses, intense serum, modulated facial massage, intensive mask and final individual day care.
With highly effective natural active ingredients for a healthy and well-groomed skin.
Express power lifting for men50 minutes
78.00 €
The TEAM DR JOSEPH method for men
Powerful, natural, effective: Skin diagnostics; a massage stimulating the lymphatic system; warm herbal compresses; peeling; deep cleansing; special serum; an intensive mask with facial massage, and finally, individual daily skin care. Natural high-tech power for a powerful and well-groomed appearance.
Intense purifying face treatment50 minutes
78.00 €
Intense purifying face treatment
Deep cleansing treatment based on the TEAM DR JOSEPH method.
Your skin? Soft and clean. Your face? Radiant and silky. You feel? Clear-headed and vitalized.
Beginning with warm herbal compresses; a gentle massage stimulating the lymphatic system; peeling; cleansing with cupping glasses and deep cleansing - followed by a tonifying facial pack, a peel-off mask and the daily care specific to your skin for a visibly fresher complexion and vital radiance.
Hands and feet
Beauty for hands & feet20 minutes
from 20.00 €
File and nail polish                        20 min. € 20,00
Paraffin bath                                  20 min. € 20,00
Semi-permanent nail polish        30 min. € 30,00
Semi-permanent nail polish removal       € 15,00
Classic manicure45 minutes
from 45.00 €
without nail polish          45 min. € 40,00
with nail polish                50 min. € 45,00
Classic pedicure50 minutes
from 50.00 €
without nail polish         50 Min. € 50,00
with nail polish               55 Min. € 55,00
Wellness pedicure & manicure with polish90 minutes
110.00 €
Complete care and well-being treatment for hands and feet with aesthetic manicure, pedicure and relaxing foot massage.
Body treatments
Anti-Cellulite25 minutes
from 40.00 €
Draining and stimulating
This intensive massage stimulates the lymphatic and blood circulation, removes jammed fluid. The skin is improved, the connective tissue is strengthened and the silhouette is tightened. To boost the effects, we recommend combining the massage with a specific wrap for all-round definition!
25 min.             € 40,00
50 min.             € 78,00 (with pack) 
Aromasoul back & neck25 minutes
from 45.00 €
Relaxing back treatment
The self- heating mud promotes blood circulation in the shoulder and neck area and relaxes the muscles. This is followed by an exclusive decontracting massage that releases tension in the head, neck, neck and back area.
25 min.             € 45,00
50 min.             € 79,00 (with body massage) 
Aromatherapy salt scrub25 minutes
40.00 €
Intense gentleness
This full-body scrub with aromatherapy massage oil and Dead Sea salt promotes skin regeneration, stimulates tissue metabolism and makes your skin silky smooth. For an intensely fresh feeling.
Hay & apricot scrub25 minutes
40.00 €
Deep purity
A full-body scrub with crushed apricot kernels and hay flower extracts that deeply cleanses the skin and stimulates the microcirculation. The skin is immediately ready for next treatments. 

Mountain pine scrub25 minutes
40.00 €
Renewing and nourishing
A body scrub with fine rice particles and mountain pine oil, accompanied by a revitalizing body massage. The skin immediately appears softer and velvety.
Sport & Vitality25 minutes
from 45.00 €
Body wrap with Arnica & St. John's wort
Feel the invigorating power of sun plants. This health wrap brings new vitality to your tired joints and muscles. The power of the active ingredients, arnica and St. John‘s wort, reduces stress, relieves tension, and supports the performance of your muscles.
25 min.             Euro 45,00 
50 min.             Euro 79,00 (with body massage)
Anti-stress massage50 minutes
from 85.00 €
This massage relaxes the muscles, especially the nervous system and helps remove all the tension in your body. It is performed with slow, rhythmic and intense strokes which treat exactly the places that are mostly cramped and under stress.
50 min.          €   85,00
80 min.          € 110,00

Back & neck massage50 minutes
79.00 €
Too much stress and too long sitting at the desk often overstrain your lower back, causing neck tension and headaches. Treat yourself and your back to this special relief massage.
Face & scalp massage25 minutes
45.00 €
A specific facial massage with a regenerating and soothing moisturizing mask. The scalp is gently massaged with an aromatic blend of sage and menthol to stimulate the blood circulation and strengthen the hair.
Foot & leg massage25 minutes
from 40.00 €
Particularly beneficial after hikes, swollen legs or sore muscles. Feet and calves are noticeably relieved. 
25 min.             € 40,00
50 min.             € 70,00
 Head & nape massage25 minutes
40.00 €
 Head, nape, face & back massage50 minutes
75.00 €
 Kids-Massage25 minutes
30.00 €
Lymph stimulating massage 25 minutes
from 37.00 €
Gently detoxes your body and stimulates your lymph system. Perfect to treat small-scale swellings and stasis in the body. Performed with gentle strokes to increase your sense of wellbeing. It also works in the cellulite fight.
25 min.             € 35,00
50 min.             € 68,00
Partial massage25 minutes
45.00 €
Ideal to dissolve quickly individual parts of the body in need of treatment.
Plantar massage25 minutes
from 40.00 €
To relax and activate the self-healing powers.
Especially recommended for stress, headaches, overwork, rheumatic complaints and indigestion.
25 min.             € 40,00
50 min.             € 73,00
Relaxing massage25 minutes
from 40.00 €
A gentle and soothing massage with slow and rhythmic movements that puts the body in a deep state of rest and gives a pleasant sense of well-being and relaxation.
25 min.             € 40,00
50 min.             € 69,00
Sports massage25 minutes
from 45.00 €
Before or after a sporting activity, tense muscles are loosened by powerful grips and the blood circulation is stimulated to prevent muscle soreness.
25 min.             € 45,00
50 min.             € 83,00
Aromatic oil massage50 minutes
79.00 €
Body massage with warm aromatic oil
The entire body is rubbed in with fragrant, soothing oil, which detoxifies, relaxes and harmonizes the skin at the same time. The gentle and rhythmic movements provide a deep relaxation full of well-being.

Ayurveda50 minutes
85.00 €
Holistic oil massage

Ayurvedic massage is one of the oldest healing techniques in the world, developed in India 5000 years ago, with the aim of restoring the psychophysical balance of the person, by stimulating the body’s energy centers, the chakras. Ailments such as muscle tension, insomnia, stress, headaches and articolar pains are resolved through the use of specific oils and mildly gentle maneuvers. It also promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, giving a deep relaxation from head to toe. 

Candle massage50 minutes
83.00 €
Aromatic candle massage
A fascinating and relaxing pampering experience with warm aromatic candles, consisting of fluid vegetable butter and high-quality oils, which regenerates and nourishes the skin, giving you a feeling of softness and well-being.
Herbal stamp massage50 minutes
85.00 €
Massage with warm herbal stamps
Enjoy warm oil and the scent of fresh herbal stamps on your skin. The massage and the pleasant warmth relax the muscles and .stimulate the metabolism and the circulation. It is particularly indicated for rheumatic and muscular pains.
Hot Stone50 minutes
from 85.00 €
Hot stone massage
It is a holistic treatment with stones of volcanic origin whose heat penetrates deep into the skin and helps to dissolve muscle stiffness giving immediate relief in case of back pain or rheumatism.
50 min.          €   85,00
80 min.          € 120,00

“Dolasilla” ritual massage80 minutes
120.00 €
Made to measure
An exclusive ritual massage, specially designed for our guests. The ritual begins with a body scrub, followed by a mix of different massage techniques in combination with hot stones, where you experience a deep relaxation from head to toe.
“Rajëta” ritual massage110 minutes
143.00 €
Precious well-being
The “Rajëta” is the most precious jewel of the Dolomites and shines in the crown of Princess Dolasilla. Inspired by her, this innovative ritual was created.
It begins with a purifying peeling with mountain hay and apricot, followed by a moisturizing wrap and then concludes with a face and body massage of the traditional Chinese medicine GUA SHA. Using natural stones such as quartz and jade by rubbing it warms and loosens muscle tensions, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and tightens the connective tissue. Furthermore, it remodels the face contours with an extraordinary lifting action and glow. 
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