Story of the Hotel Dolasilla

Under a loving guide for three generation

Many hotels in Alta Badia, in the wonderful landscape of the Dolomites, host millions of visitors every year. The Dolasilla hotel distinguishes itself for the owner's hospitality and courtesy.
1939 Built by the founder Josef Frenademez, the hotel is rented to a nuns convent in summer and to the Local Council in winter. It uses the building as a school and as an accommodation for the teachers.

1965 The son Otto and the daughter Ernestina start the first renovation works. Later they open a guest house with 14-28 beds.

1968 Otto Frenademez marries Margherita Granruaz. They go on managing the business together.

1969 On May 30, their first son Patrik is born.

1972 After Josef Frenademez's death, Otto becomes the guest-house only owner. On June 4th, his second son Mirko is born. 1974After the renovation works with more beds and a bar, the business is classified as a 3 stars hotel. Thanks to the clever management, the development goes on, whose results are evident to the steady guests.

1987 Son a 2000 square metres piece of round a sauna, a solarium and a wonderful garden are built.

1995 The great decision year: the old building, the hotel heart, is torn down and a new basement is built, as well as a new building. The back and the front part of the hotel, as well as the garden, are completely renewed. Now more spacious and comfortable rooms are at the guests'disposal.

1997 Patrik's marriage with Ingrid Valentini. The couple moves to the house just built near the hotel. Patrik goes on his cooking activity in the hotel together with his father. The renovation works continue.

1999 Another piece of ground is bought, where in 2000 another building is built.

2000 Patrik and Ingrid have a daughter: Jasmin.

2001 In autumn the youngest son Mirko gets married. He moves with Sandra Irsara in a new building. He also works in the family business and he manages the reception together with his mother Margherita.

2001 - 2003 In the following years other renovation works go on inside the hotel. The bar and the bowling hall are removed and substituded with a motorcycles garage, a depot, a fitness room, a children's playroom, a conference hall and a new laundry.

2003 Samuel, Patrik and Ingrid's son, is born. Sandra, Mirko's wife, enters the family business and she manages the guests' reservations.

2005 Karolin, Mirko e Sandra's daughter is born. After two years of preparation, the building works for the new "Rajëta" wellness center with the swimming pool and a garage with 30 car places start. Two marvellous gardens: are ready: one in front of the hotel, where our guests can enjoy the sun from dawn to dusk. The second garden, equipped with a whirlpool is in front of the "Rajeta" wellness center and it's the ideal location for the sun seekers. In the surroundings there's also the wonderful children's playground.

2007 Marika, Mirko e Sandra's second daughter is born.

2009 was born Angelika, the third daughter of Mirko and Sandra

2010 was enlarged the dining room and on this occasion it was added the "Stüa dal cîr", that can be used as a living room and as a reading room. Moreover it was built a wine cellar that contains fine wines from South Tyrol and from all over the world.

2011 the parents, Otto and Margherita, make a big step. They decide to hand the hotel over to their son Mirko, who is managing it together with his wife Sandra. Anyway, mum and dad are always present and happy to lend a hand.

Since father Otto, after 53 years of hard work, quits cooking, also Patrik decides to leave the kitchen and takes up a new career. So, the winter season will begin with a completely new cooking style.

2015 Something unexpected happens in early December.  On advice, we manage to make a sudden huge decision.  At the end of the winter season, tear down the old part of the hotel and redo it with more spacious rooms.
During the winter season we designed and fixed all the bureaucracy and in the end we did it.

2016 On 27.03.2016 we started the renovation works.
We have pulled down the old part and rebuilt everything new.
In the end we built the whole underground part, gym, warehouses, courtesy-room, laundry, cinema, childrensplayroom, services and ski-room with exit directly on the ski slopes.  On the ground floor we have built the whole new entrance with covered parking lots, reception, lobby, bar, restaurant and Wintergarten.
After that we built 18 new and spacious rooms "Dolasilla Living" "Single lodge" and "Panorama Suite" to give more light and view to our guests.
We also managed to build 9 single rooms for our collaborators.
After three and a half months on 21.07.2016 we managed to reopen.

2018 we have renovated the last 7 rooms in the non-new part.

2019 We have created a new panoramic "Luxury" whirlpool in the garden and changed the old lift.

2020 10.03 something that has never happened so far happens.  We decide to close the hotel suddenly due to the Covid-19 virus.  Time 3 days we decided to close, guests, especially foreigners are in a hurry to go home, because they seem to want to close the borders.  Meanwhile on 13.03 all hotels, bars, restaurants, ski lifts, etc. are closed.  Even employees who have still done a few days of cleaning begin to hurry to go home, they already have to travel with self-certification.  All of a sudden we find ourselves alone at home in shock, struggling to understand what is going on.  For more than two months we remain closed at home and can only go out for health reasons, shopping or other important reasons.  From 08.05 we were able to start going out but wearing the mask.

The Frenademez family manages the hotel joyfully and aren't tired to pursue their guests'well-being. The renovation works, like the rooms renovation, go on taking place. The owners hope to turn their plans for the future into reality.
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