Legend Dolasilla

Of mountains, dwarfs

Dolasilla, the war eroine of the Fanes people, was the Fanes king's daughter. Her father was a powerful man and he was constantly pursuing wealth. When her father was looking for gold around Canazei, he imprisoned a group of dwarfs and he stole them some precious objects. Dolasilla was afraid of the dwarfs'revenge and she gave them the stolen goods back, without her father knowing it. To thank her, the dwarfs forged her a white suit of armour, that should have protected her from arrows. The dwarfs foretold Dolasilla a future as a great war heroine, and told her in secrecy that soon something would have grown in the Silver Lake, but they warned her at the same time: if the suit of armour would have turned dark, she shouldn't have fought, if not she would die.

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Moments of relaxation in Alta Badia

Plunge into the beneficial warmth. The wonderful mountain sight invites to relax and to swim.
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