Gourmet Hotel Dolasilla

Flavor, tradition and Ladin cuisine

We can define the cuisine of our hotel as an international cuisine that tries to highlight the local cuisine: the very appreciated ladin cuisine.

We serve to our guests the best typical ladin dishes, but also some delicacies of the mediterranean and international cuisine. In harmony with our philosophy we always try to prepare, with maximum care, all the dishes at home, paying great attention in the selection of ingredients: fresh, healthy, genuine and produced, in large part, in the land.
Every day at breakfast you will find an abundant and varied buffet with local products just like bread, milk, desserts, charcuteries and different sorts of cheese.
In the evening our guests are received in a traditional environment, where they have the possibility to choose one of the three proposed inviting menus, and where they find a very provided buffet with salads and vegetables. To conclude the evening, a delicious buffet of desserts waits for you.
Every week we organize one welcoming aperitif in the garden and a typical ladin dinner.

Our cuisine will carry you in a world of tastes and delicacies; a dream for the gourmets.

The traditional ladin cuisine offers simple dishes, realized with old recipes based exclusively on local products; they are so characterized by freshness and genuineness. The quality of the ingredients, bound to an old culinary tradition, are able to create delicious and tasty specialties, with a unique and fascinating flavor.

The culinary culture of Val Badia has been jealously handed down from generation to generation and nowadays it has an important role in the gastronomic scenery of Alto Adige.

Some ladin dishes are the so-called “bales” (dumplings/Knödel) and some different types of gnocchi (with spinach, ricotta, or “zigher”). But the real ladin dishes able to conquer even the most refined palate are the fried specialties: the “tutres” (pancakes with spinach and ricotta), the “cancì arsctis” (stuffed paste) and the “furtaies” (fried leavened paste). The meat was very rare in the ladin diet, nevertheless there are some important dishes to not forget, just like the “gulasch”, the “grästl” and the famous speck.

In the Hotel Dolasilla you will have the possibility to taste and enjoy these and a lot of other ladin specialties during the whole week. Beyond this, once a week our cuisine organizes a typical ladin dinner, where our chef will delight the palates of our guests.
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