Traditional Gourmet Treats at the Dolasilla Hotel

This is Ladin cuisine… with a certain something

The Dolasilla gourmet kitchen is best described as international cuisine elegantly fused with local dishes. Ladin traditions are very important to us. This is why our half-board arrangement is designed to bring them closer and closer to you. Our Chefs Angelo and Giuseppe with there kitchen staff value the fresh and healthy ingredients that can be found in our area very highly, meaning gourmets and connoisseurs alike will feel right at home when tasting our delectable and diverse breakfast menu, as well as our excellent evening meals – a true culinary experience!

Celiac disease and food intolerances
The kitchen is always attentive and organized to meet the needs of those who have celiac disease, food intolerances or allergies to specific foods. In order to guarantee an adequate service, we ask guests to communicate any problems or food intolerances already at the time of booking.

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