Fanes - Senes - Braies

The natural park of Dolasila

Constituted in 1980, the natural park of Fanes-Senes-Braies is a region safeguarded by the autonomous province of Bolzano and is extended over a surface of 25.680 hectares, representing so one of the hugest natural parks of South Tyrol/Alto Adige.
We can consider it as the landscape jewel of Alta Badia and not only; it represents perhaps the most beautiful of the dolomitic areas, considering its varieties in forms and landscapes, its endless ascensions and possible climbs and excursions. Among the most important routes we want to remember the Alta Via of the Dolomites nr. 1 and the Via della Pace.

The plateaus of Senes, Braies and Fanes represent a natural amphitheater full of water sources and streams, in particular the plateau of Fanes, where the two lakes Lè Vërt and Lè de Limo, with their blue-green color, conquer the heart of each visitor. A paradise that contains some well-known peaks of the Dolomites, among the most important the Sas dla Crusc (Sasso Croce), the Lavarella, the Conturines, the Sas dales Nü (Cima Nove) and the Sas dla Porta (Croda del Beco).

The incomparable beauty of these areas nourished old legends of the ladin population, in particular the most famous, the legend of the Rëgn de Fanes, which tells about a prodigious warrior woman named Dolasilla.
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